I have shocked myself twice in the past 24 hours. First, last night after supper, I said to myself, Might as well go ahead and do my Zone Missions before the big kids get here for music practice. WHAT? I said this to myself? After a LONG day at therapies with Peter and Lyd, I still said this to myself? And then I shocked myself even more: I got up and DID the Zone Missions.

Then, this morning, I noticed that something had been spilled in the refrigerator, so I grabbed a sponge and wiped it up. Now, let’s just stop and think about this. First, I NOTICED that something had been spilled. Only you fellow SHEs will ever understand how we truly, truly do not see things that need to be picked up or cleaned up. Then, I grabbed a sponge and wiped it up. Was this Kitchen Zone day? No! Did I feel the urge to clean the whole refrigerator out, too? No! I actually just saw a small mess that needed to be cleaned up and I did it.

I am obviously getting more and more flywashed. I love being shocked like this!


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One Response to “Shocking”

  1. Paula Says:

    so great…….it’s nice to go to bed with that satisfying feeling of accomplishment! Keep it up!

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