Family Fun and Date Night

Clara surprised me with the most wonderful Shutterfly book this week. It featured her photos of our Family Fun events from last fall. Oh, it was a JOY to see all of those smiling faces having fun. It really reminded me why it is so worth it to intentionally plan for Family Fun. Consequently, we had a Family Fun game night Friday night when Stephen, Amelia, Clara and Levi could join us.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find games in which everyone can fully participate. With a little selective teaming up of readers with non-readers, we managed to have quite a bit of fun playing Apples to Apples. Then, after an intermission for fudge cake that Tim and Margaret had whipped up, we played a new game that Amelia and Stephen had just purchased called, Pictureka. Oh, my. What weird hilarity. A battery-powered plastic penguin enthusiastically flipped disturbingly illustrated cards at us and, based on the color of light beaming from his head, we tried to find specific items in those illustrated cards that had been randomly distributed by said penguin all over the table. Once the desired item was located by a player, that player yelled, obviously, “Pictureka!” If the other players agreed that the item had been accurately located on the card, that card became the property of the the player locating it. Play continued until all of the illustrated cards had been seized or the penguin gave us a raspberry. The winner of the round was the player holding the most cards.

Once we got the hang of it, there was much enthusiasm and competition. And yelling. And laughing. Who would have thought that a blue-billed penguin could be so much fun?

Finally, some of us ended the evening with a little Bunco. Then, after the little folk (and Joey) had gone up to bed, I remembered that I had found some old home-videos when I was cleaning up in the living room this past week. Wow. What a bunch of funny, funny stuff. It was a great way to end Family Fun Night.

As for Date Night…. It was fun, too. But you probably don’t need all of the details. Ahem.


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One Response to “Family Fun and Date Night”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Steve laugh as hard as he did as when we watched those movies. That was so stinkin’ funny.

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