Making the Commitment to Declutter

When I think about this month’s habit, I get bumfuzzled. I mentally agree that decluttering is a habit that I would benefit from cultivating. But physically getting up and doing it takes all of my will power. I resist and resist and resist. I tell myself that it takes too much energy, especially emotional energy, because I have to decide if something should be kept or thrown away or given away. Here’s a perfect example: last week I did a little decluttering as I was cleaning the living room, but I haven’t had the gumption to actually remove the items from my home, yet. What are these items? They are three heart-shaped grapevine baskets that I have had for over 20 years. They used to hang on my wall above my couch in every house we lived in until we moved here and they just didn’t fit above my couch. Consequently, they have lived on top of our television cabinet for five years, gathering dust as grapevine baskets are wont to do.

So, what is so difficult about decluttering and getting rid of these baskets? Well, they represent to me some of my first attempts at making our house a home with decorations. I collect hearts, so these baskets tickled me pink back when I bought them. They have held silk fall leaves, Christmas ornaments and Easter eggs as the seasons have marched by. I can see our family growing underneath these baskets.

See why it’s so difficult for me to declutter? Argle. I’m having serious issues making the commitment to declutter this month.



4 Responses to “Making the Commitment to Declutter”

  1. Laura Says:

    Argle. I am the worst with decluttering. For instance, why is there a DELTA napkin still on my bedside table? And that’s not even half as ‘wonderfully’ sentimental as those baskets! ❤

  2. eveh Says:

    I know what you mean. My brother in law is a wallpaper hanger so he gave me this huge piece of cork and a large roll of real linen. It is hard to give it up but I know I will never make anything from them. Crafts and clothes are my downfall. And old books, although I am making some strides there on old craft books. I still have too many cookbooks and I don’t even like to cook that much.

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