A Confession About My Timer and Decluttering

Yes, I have a confession. While I have used my timer — for it is my friend in 2010 — on many occasions, I had never used it for decluttering until this week. When I challenged myself to debunk my personal decluttering myths, I knew I had to follow Flylady’s 15-minute guideline to make my little experiment valid. After all, if I’m proving to myself that decluttering can be accomplished by dealing with it a little at a time each day, then I obviously have to set a time limit on my endeavors.

I was seriously amazed at how much I could get done in 15 minutes, how fast 15 minutes flew by AND how easy it was to stop after 15 minutes. In this journey with Flylady, I have trusted that Flylady knew what she was talking about when she first urged me to shine my sink and swish and swipe my bathrooms. I have no doubt that washing two loads of laundry every day keeps Mt. Washmore under control. I don’t question the value of wearing my lace-up shoes from the moment I get up. But, somewhere along the line, I didn’t buy into the whole idea of routinely decluttering for 15 minutes.

However, I think that my experiences over the past two days have made me a believer. I’m actually looking forward to spending those 15 minutes continuing to declutter our pantry, even though it’s Saturday. If you’ve never tried setting your timer and decluttering, I urge you to try it! You might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.


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One Response to “A Confession About My Timer and Decluttering”

  1. eveh Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much you can get done? I have yet to apply this idea to my closet though and that is where I really need to declultter. I think I am taking your advise and doing fifteen minutes a day in my closet this week and just see how much of a dent I can make.

    If you think about it, even if you only throw away five things you don’t need, a day, by the end of the week, you have 35 pieces of unwanted clutter gone! How cool is that? : )

    Keep up the good work. I am suporting you all the way. We will have the most clutter free and cozy homes by the end of the year, people will come from all over just to gaze at our pretty clean and clutter free houses. LOL

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