Woo-hoo! Victory Over Procrastination

Oh, dear. I put an exclamation point in my post title. But, really, I am THAT excited about how flywashed I am becoming. Wait until you hear what I did.

First, not only did we get the valentines made in a timely fashion by planning ahead to get our supplies (we only had to buy googly eyes, but, hey, that still meant making a supply purchase), we also got them mailed in a timely fashion. I almost cannot believe we did this. I mean, just like Christmas gifts, valentines simply can never adequately express the affection and love we feel for those family members for whom we make them. The valentines can never be perfect. So, often, they go unfinished, or, if they do get completed, they don’t get mailed. But this year, perfectionism did not prevail and the valentines are in the mail.

Second, I had to return a pair of glasses that I had ordered online. Yes, eyeglasses. I ordered them with anti-reflective coating on the lenses, but the coating began deteriorating and crackling, making the lenses cloudy and difficult to see through. The company (Zenni Optical) agreed to credit me for the glasses if I ordered exact duplicates and then sent the defective glasses back to them. I received my replacement glasses on Saturday and I returned the defective glasses on Monday. This is an amazing thing. (Oh, and just to avoid any misunderstanding about the quality of glasses that Zenni Optical makes, I have been very happy with the other three pair that I have ordered from them, so I think this was a fluke.)

Third, the kids were up for dental appointments, so I called the dentist on Monday. Due to cancellations, all six of the kids who needed to be seen got in on Tuesday afternoon. How amazing is that?

Beating procrastination is almost as fun as shining my sink and decluttering.



2 Responses to “Woo-hoo! Victory Over Procrastination”

  1. ForF Says:

    I posted on Flylady’s forum how much I enjoyed reading your whole blog last night. Took me 4 hours.

    Your post this morning prompted me to order blood tests. Meant to do it yesterday. Thanks.

    My situation is not like yours, but if you can do it, we all can.

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