More Decluttering Revelations

I obviously have decluttering on the brain since I’m trying to develop the habit this month with Flylady’s help. Her promptings to declutter for 15 minutes every day “no matter what” have been just what I’ve needed. I have to confess, though, that Lydia’s surgery dominated my day on Friday and I didn’t declutter that day. I decided that “no matter what” did not mean “even when your child has surgery.” I figured that I can’t really use that as an excuse on a weekly basis, so I’m pretty safe….

Anyway, I’ve had a couple more revelations about decluttering. One is that I don’t have to stick to decluttering one area until it is entirely, completely, (dare I say) perfectly decluttered. For example, I was kind of tired of working in the pantry after a couple of days and decided to declutter in the laundry room. Now, both of these areas have been majorly decluttered within the last year, so the decluttering I have been doing is more along the lines of throwing away and putting away. Yet, the work I’ve done in both areas makes utilizing those spaces so much more pleasant. It’s really kind of instant gratification.

The second revelation was not really a revelation. I was decluttering with Eleanor a little this weekend and she just reiterated what I had posted about last week when she exclaimed, “You can really get a lot done in 15 minutes!”

Today, I think I’ll declutter in the craft room.



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