Last night I was absolutely physically and mentally exhausted. We had had a full, full, full day. Then, Joey was working much later than he had anticipated at a new part-time job, meaning that I had no parenting relief. You fellow mothers-of-many know how it goes: the 18-year-old is responsibly getting himself ready for bed, the 15-year-old is on the computer (in other words, they are not immediately available for assisting in corralling siblings), the 12-year-old has conveniently forgotten to do his 10-minute tidy before heading off to bed (meaning that I will end up doing it), the 11-year-old and the 9-year-old are completing their kitchen chores but at a decidedly pedestrian pace so they must be continually prodded, the other 9-year-old is apparently too tired to actually stand up and walk to bed (so more prodding is necessary) and the 5-year-old, who has had a nap earlier in the day, is provoking the 2-year-old, who has also had a nap, to ear-shattering peals of hilarious squealing.

I believe that the image in my mind at that point involved Calgon.

So, after everyone is finally in bed, I am sitting on the couch wondering when Joey is going to be home. I am so tired that I am dizzy. Yes, sitting still, I am dizzy from fatigue.

Yet, almost robotically, I got up, walked over to my sink and shined it. Whoa. Then, I walked downstairs and re-booted the laundry to be done by morning.

And I’m reaping the benefits this morning because in less than an hour, I have several people appearing at my house for Anne’s Early Childhood Intervention re-evaluation. I don’t have to run around and frantically clean up anything.

Next time I wonder if I’m truly Flywashed, I hope I remember yesterday.



2 Responses to “Flywashed”

  1. Amelia Says:

    You’re amazing.

  2. ForF Says:

    What does not get tidied today in the prescribed time can always be tidied in DOUBLE the prescribed time tomorrow. Discipline those little rascals. JMO. Luckily my kids are grown. But not Flywashed.

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