An Anniversary of Sorts

A year ago today, I had what should have been a rather routine — though unexpected — surgery. Instead of popping in and out of the hospital, I experienced complications that resulted in my receiving two units of blood. Because I had lost that much blood, my recovery was much lengthier than it should have been.

I had just started my Flylady routines about six weeks or so before this crazy surgical experience. So, when I came home to sit around and re-gain my energy, I wasn’t so sure that the rest of the crew had been thoroughly convinced that Flylady routines were something to be kept up with, yet. They showed me differently. While I was entirely out-of-pocket, they kept the sink shined and the clothes washed.

And I experienced another benefit from having started my Flylady routines the month before. I had been able to get the kitchen in shape through working on my Zone Missions, so I invited the ladies from our Mothers of Preschoolers group and the ladies from church to come over to make meals to freeze for families who might be, say, recovering from a hospital stay. So, thanks to Flylady’s routines, my family ended up benefiting from some of those frozen meals we had prepared in our clean kitchen just the week before.

Thankfully, I’m feeling a lot more energetic today than I did a year ago.


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One Response to “An Anniversary of Sorts”

  1. ForF Says:

    6 days from now will be the anniversary of me falling down on our vacation and shattering my wrist (found out I have osteoperosis). I know what you mean by recovery. I still don’t have all the strength back, and probably never will. I tried a pottery class. HA! Can’t get that clay centered for the life of me. I’ll have to sell back my clay.

    I check in every day.

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