Some Family Fun and Date Day

We are planning for a little more Family Fun today, but we did start off the weekend by playing two new family games on Friday evening. Both of the games came out of “Family Fun” magazine which is one of my absolute favorite magazines. The first game involved each person (even pre-readers!) starting with a blank sheet of paper and a colored marker. I set my Flylady timer for 30 seconds and each person began a drawing. When the timer went off — more quickly than we anticipated — each person passed his or her incomplete picture to the player on the left and we repeated the process, each player adding to the picture handed to him or her. Eight of us played so it took, obviously, four minutes to complete one round. I loved this game because almost everyone could participate (two-year-old Anne was content to play with toys while we were drawing) and the results were hilarious. We ended up playing three rounds and I was laughing until I cried by the time we quit. For some reason, many of our pictures ended up involving dog-walkers. Margaret’s drawing always started with a large face which was very fun (and funny) to embellish. Lydia’s ubiquitous little purple people were an especially big hit.

The second game we played was hide-and-seek. However, instead of hiding ourselves, we hid figurines representing ourselves. Let me tell you, being “It” was much harder than in a typical game of hide-and-seek. We limited the hiding places to within the living room area and even then, we had to give “hot” and “cold” clues to the finder. Tall Jacob hid his Polly Pocket (hand picked for him by Charlotte who also hid a Polly Pocket) so high that I had to reach around in a vain attempt to locate it. And Eleanor’s dainty cat figurine was challenging to spy. I have to add that my Tarzan figurine was a much more fit-looking hide-and-seek player than Tim’s Teletubbies guy.

Then, on Saturday, Joey and I had a Date DAY thanks to Amelia and Stephen’s willingness to take Jacob, Tim and Margaret to dog class while supervising the rest of the crew at home. I love, love, love having an adequate amount of uninterrupted time to talk through important subjects with Joey. I feel like we pushed a re-set button on our lives by taking a fresh look at our long-term family vision and how the bakery fits in. We talked out logistics for the immediate future and set some goals. We are both excited about the possibilities this bakery venture has to offer our family.

Hurrah! for Date Day! Hurrah! for Family Fun!


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