Weekend Creativity

On Saturday, before Joey and I had our lovely chat about our goals for the bakery, Joey needed a power nap. While he was taking a quick snooze, I did a little work on something I’d like to get into my etsy store. For a long, long time, I’ve wanted to offer an embellished notebook-type page that could be easily reproduced to fill a notebook. The notebook would be used for recording responses to Scripture. For example, most mornings, I copy a portion of the Psalms and, verse by verse, I write out my responses, what God is showing me through His Word or praying a response to that verse. Right now, I do this on the computer, but I thought that having a pretty page to do this on might be even more inspiring. So, I started embellishing some pages.

I’m still working on getting the clean copies of my embroidery designs done and scanned into .pdf files. Plus, I’m embroidering examples of most of the designs. I’ve been making slow-but-sure progress by doing a little bit each day, ala Flylady.



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