Adjusting Flylady to Fit for the Long Run

I was encouraged to read THIS Flylady testimonial. Why? Because this person has been FLYing for ten years. Ten years! So often, the testimonials reflect the enthusiasm we have ALL felt when we first started FLYing and saw the remarkable difference that Flylady routines made in our lives. Yet, I would venture to bet that there comes a time in most Flybabies lives when that enthusiasm for the novel, the new routine, the initial relief from CHAOS comes up against the reality of the habitual effort that it will take to maintain this new lifestyle.

Thankfully, Flylady addresses these issues regularly to keep us all on the right path. She reminds us that we don’t have to be following everything perfectly to bless our family. We can keep jumping in where we are.

I think that another component of successfully utilizing Flylady routines for the long run is adjusting the routines to fit our individual lifestyles, like THIS testimony described. As I write this blog, I am continually thinking about how to adjust my Flylady routine to best fit our large, homeschooling family. And I hope, hope, hope I can encourage others to do the same.



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