Family Fun Odyssey

We have been reading various versions of Homer’s Odyssey, so for our Family Fun night, we had an Odyssey-themed meal. Our entree centered around hot dogs for a couple of reasons. First, we cut hot dogs into three pieces and then stuck four strands of uncooked spaghetti through each piece before boiling them. When they were done, they looked a little like Scylla. Well, if you used your imagination. (Btw, I got this idea out of Family Fun magazine, except they didn’t mention Scylla in the article.) We also had plain hot dogs to represent that Circe had turned the sailors into pigs. The side dish was Ambrosia, for all of the interference the “gods” had in Odysseus’ journey. We put a bit of blue food coloring in some Sprite to represent the ocean. And, finally, we had Cyclops cupcakes for dessert.

Afterward, we watched (an edited version of) “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” So funny. And fun.



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