Flylady, Martha Stewart and Easter Eggs

I have been perusing the fabulous Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. I love that book. I hope someone gives it to me for Mother’s Day.

One of the crafts involves putting glitter on blown eggs. Those glitter-covered eggs are so beautiful. So, I decided that we needed some. But I wanted a full bowl of eggs, which meant a lot of egg-blowing. In my pre-Flylady days, I would have set aside some inadequate amount of time to blow a zillion eggs, gotten frustrated that I was being interrupted by the needs of small children while trying to blow the eggs, broken a few of them and then been left with a lot of eggs to use immediately in some recipe.

But, now that I’ve been Flywashed, I decided to blow a few eggs each day. I eat two eggs every morning, so I just blow those two eggs and set the clean shells with the rest of my collection in a safe place. I’ll soon have enough to make a charmingly full bowl of beautifully glittered Easter eggs.



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    […] decorations that the girls and I made the other day. Then — oh, joy! — I started on my Martha Stewart’s glittery eggs project. Over time, I had blown an adequate number of eggs to nicely fill a clear serving bowl. I […]

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