Thoughts on This Month’s Habit: Dressed to Shoes

I sit here every morning in front of the computer dressed to shoes. I was just thinking the other day (before I knew that being dressed to shoes was this month’s habit) how nice it is to always be dressed in the morning and ready for anything. It’s nice to always know that if the UPS man starts up the driveway, I don’t have to run and throw something presentable on before he makes it to my door. It’s nice to know that if some small person suddenly requires a trip to the emergency room, I don’t have to waste any time throwing on some clothes.

But, you know, those two events don’t occur every day. What I think I like best about always being dressed to shoes is the knowledge that I am setting a good example for the kids. I hope I’m showing them that I take this job of parenting, homeschooling and homemaking seriously because it is an important job. I think that by being dressed to shoes from the moment I get up, I send the message to myself that my work is important, too.


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