Flylady and Laughter

A little while back, Flylady posted her story about how laughter influenced her life. While her story has somber elements, it did get me thinking about laughter. How much am I laughing these days? How can increase the amount of laughter in our home?

I love to laugh. We laughed a lot in my family as I was growing up. We seemed to have a ton of inside jokes. And, when I was about 17, I made a list of the personality traits that I hoped for in husband. Over and over, I wrote, “he can make me laugh.” (Thankfully, God provided Joey, who has been making me laugh for almost 30 years!) My college roommate, Kelly, was also heaven-sent. She and I laughed ourselves to tears on a regular basis.

So, I’m thinking about laughter today — and how to increase the amount of it in our family.


6 Responses to “Flylady and Laughter”

  1. Stephen P Says:

    Shawn the Sheep.

  2. Paula Says:

    “How do you catch a rabbit……..?”

  3. Stephen P Says:

    I get a lot of laughter by watching Dave do his thing. Sarcastic Commentary may not be what you’re looking for, though.

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