Apathy, Flylady and Contributing Factor #3

Contributing Factor #3 to my apathy toward household chores is really just a re-statement of my previous thoughts on Balance: I am more than just a maid. I really am. I have other contributions to make in this life in addition to having a clean house. Yes, the house needs to be clean. I do not want to return to CHAOS. But household chores cannot be my focus! My Flylady routine needs to be in my peripheral vision. I need to be on automatic pilot when I am completing my chores, not having to make a conscious decision every single time I have to declutter or do a Zone Mission. I realize that this is what Flylady is trying to promote in developing habits, but there are enough areas of my Flylady routine that do not yet fit the “habit” category to get me off balance.

(For the record, there are several chores that actually do fall into the “habit” category, so I am not a totally hopeless cause. For example, Swishing and Swiping is definitely a habit. Dressed to Shoes is a no-brainer. Laundry is habitual. I’m on automatic pilot when I shine my sink. It’s mostly Zone Missions and Decluttering that give me fits. Yet, without Zone Missions or Decluttering, my house will definitely not stay out of CHAOS.)

I actually did a little experiment this week in an attempt to see what would happen if I prioritized my plans for creativity and made the Easter decorations with the kids BEFORE I did the laundry. Guess what. The laundry didn’t happen. This seems to be the case pretty consistently. I have to choose whether to do something creative OR complete my Flylady routine. And it always seems that it’s the creativity that takes the hit. I definitely get stuff like homeschooling, lessons, music practice, Bible reading, therapies, exercise, etc. worked in among my household responsibilities. But trying to get some embroidery or sewing or crocheting done tips the balance. And being creative is what energizes me, it’s a gift I have to contribute, so I’m not willing to give up on trying to figure this all out.

One Bible verse that keeps playing in my mind when I start thinking about being more than just a maid, a house cleaner, is Mark 8:36 (New American Standard Bible):

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

At the risk of sounding trite, I keep thinking, What does it profit me to have a clean house for the next 50 years and forfeit my creativity? Yes, I avoid the guilt and embarrassment of CHAOS, but I make few contributions to this world through my creative gifts. Yes, I acknowledge the value and blessing of providing a peaceful atmosphere in which our family grows together, but that is not all I am inspired to contribute to this life.

Perhaps the solutions that I propose for my Contributing Factors #1 and #2 (the external motivators for myself and the kids) will actually result in solving this Contributing Factor #3. I hope. Time will tell.



One Response to “Apathy, Flylady and Contributing Factor #3”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Sometimes I feel what you feel…and I’m only living in a house of two! Oh dear.

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