Martha Stewart, Flylady and Laundry

Yesterday morning, I determined that I would complete our Easter crafting and decorating projects before I did any chores. I hung up the window decorations that the girls and I made the other day. Then — oh, joy! — I started on my Martha Stewart’s glittery eggs project. Over time, I had blown an adequate number of eggs to nicely fill a clear serving bowl. I had purchased some glitter. I had located the craft glue. I was ready.

I then sat in a perfectly quiet (the little kids were not awake, Joey was already working on the flooring at the bakery, Jacob was at the dog shop and Tim was birding) kitchen and glittered eggs to my heart’s content. I didn’t even turn on any music. It was lovely. Did the eggs look perfect? No, but I think they are sparkly fun, anyway. And I am not to be side-tracked by perfectionism in my crafting anymore, anyway!

Once all of the eggs were glittered and the rest of the Easter decorations put in place, I was energized for my day. I managed to get entirely caught up on laundry (dear Joey did the laundry while I was gone, but there was a substantial amount to be put away, still) in a relatively short period of time. I took care of all of the Hot Spots in the kitchen. I painted little chicks on the fingernails of four little girls. I exercised. We even managed a little Family Fun at the very end of the day.

So, I am encouraged. If I absolutely prioritize doing my crafting first thing in the morning, without agonizing over whether I will have time for all of the rest of my Flylady routine if I do, I believe I will be energized enough to get done what needs to get done. I will certainly be a happier person while I’m doing my chores!


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One Response to “Martha Stewart, Flylady and Laundry”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Hooray! I definitely want to see the glittery eggs. Maybe early morning crafting is the answer. Woo!

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