Flylady and Movies

Now that I’ve seen that prioritizing my creative activities does not automatically mean that I won’t accomplish my household chores, I’ve gone one step further: I’ve started sitting down with the kids to watch videos. Some of my fondest memories with the older kids are related to jokes or lines from movies that we watched together. Somewhere along the line, I became too busy to sit down and watch videos with the kids. I missed that, but couldn’t seem to justify the time spent.

Lately, I’ve watched three different videos with the kids and enjoyed every moment. And my chores are still getting done. Maybe I’m actually achieving some of that elusive balance.


One Response to “Flylady and Movies”

  1. Amelia Says:

    When we watch movies together, it becomes a relationship building experience that, as you said, continues today when we laugh over the silly things we used to watch. Hooray!

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