Flylady and Balance

Yesterday, I happened to be carting some stuffed animals back to their true home in the playroom and I walked by the computer. I glanced at my Inbox and noticed this: Finding Balance with Flylady. My heart started racing. Was Flylady reading my mind? Or — could it possibly be — my blog? Excited to hear what Flylady had to say about a topic that is constantly on my mind and despite the fact that Anne’s physical therapist was still working with her upstairs, I quickly clicked on the link to listen.

Now, if I had read THIS earlier post, I might have had a clue that the show was really about the Palm Pre Plus phone from Verizon. However, I hadn’t read that, yet, so I was clueless. It took me a moment to realize what was actually being discussed and by whom and why.

In theory, being able to use a Palm Pre Plus phone from Verizon would help me achieve some semblance of balance in my life. It has taken me over half an hour to post this short blog entry because of our ancient-and-decrepit computer combined with our I-might-as-well-hand-deliver-this-post-to-each-and-every-one-of-you-slower-than-molasses-but-I-have-no-other-option-rural-satellite-internet-connection. If I had any kind of tool and internet connection that was even remotely up to 21st Century speed, it would save me a tremendous amount of time and frustration each and every day, freeing up hours for creativity, completing my Zone Missions, etc.

However, my house is made of Polysteel. That means that I am encased in concrete. That means that I get no cell phone reception inside my house. So, as lovely as it sounds, the Palm Pre Plus phone from Verizon will not be helping me find Balance with Flylady.

I guess I’ll just keep searching for that Balance myself.



One Response to “Flylady and Balance”

  1. Amelia Says:

    It also means that you are safe during tornadoes. 🙂 I do agree, though, that having fast internet and a good computer is better than having none at all. I thought that we would waste time with having internet here, but it actually saves time in the long run. (Okay, so we do waste SOME time, but we are generally looking at things…not waiting for pages to upload). I wish I could buy you a new computer! 😦

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