Flylady and Life

We’ve had a remarkable number of outside influences greatly impacting our lives over the past few months. When another challenge comes blasting at us, it usually requires a lot of mental and emotional effort. Naturally, my mind is diverted to the challenge and, usually, preoccupied with it.

But, I’ve observed a couple of interesting things since Flylady has been a part of my life, too, during these challenges. First, it is much easier to think about and deal with stuff when my home environment is tidy and peaceful. Second, when my mind seems to be flying in a multitude of directions, Flylady helps me focus on what it takes to maintain that tidy and peaceful home environment. Even when I’m just mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, my Flylady habits — because they are habits — kick in and it’s not that difficult to keep the laundry caught up, the sink shined, the bathrooms swished and swiped.

Thanks, again, Flylady!


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One Response to “Flylady and Life”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Hmm, it’s definitely easier to keep from falling apart when the dishes are done. There is a dimension of control!

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