This Just Might Be My Totally Workable Flylady Routine

Despite everything going on recently, I might actually have discovered THE way of organizing my Flylady Routine to make it work, consistently, for me. Here it is: I plan to do everything (as in, Creativity, Swish and Swipe, Decluttering, Daily Zone Mission, Laundry Reboot, etc.) before the kids get up. I know this is really just a modification of my earlier plan for doing Decluttering and Zone Missions when Joey was available to supervise the small folk, but I’ve found that I can complete the tasks more consistently when I’m not depending on anyone else to provide the opportunity for me to complete them.

This arrangement has worked very well for me for several days. I think an important component of it is that I also do NOT do my blog post before I’ve completed everything. For some reason, I can do my blog post during snippets of the day when the kids are constructively occupied much more easily than I can do my Flylady Routine.

Perhaps the best thing about this new way of prioritizing my time is that I have nothing hanging over my head the rest of the day. I am finding that my mind is much clearer because I’m not constantly looking for that window of opportunity in which to complete some of my tasks. They are DONE! I’m even — now, don’t fall off of your chairs in a dead faint — consistently decluttering without any angst!



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