Finally Loving Yourself

I’ve been thinking about Flylady’s definition of FLYing: Finally Loving Yourself. How does this match up with what the Bible says for me as a Christian? How does that compare to secular humanism’s definition of “loving myself” that has been yammered at me through various media for most of my life? I don’t think that there is, necessarily, a mutual exclusivity between the two sources of this message. I’m just thinking about it more and trying to refine my thoughts.



2 Responses to “Finally Loving Yourself”

  1. Sara Says:

    WordPress ate my comment. :{

    Oh well. 🙂 I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this Flylady subject, since it has often bugged me too! One “explaination” that I’ve heard is to “love your neighbor as yourself” you have to love yourself first. ?

  2. JOY Says:

    I think when you love yourself, it is much easier to be loving to others, if that helps. x

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