Easter Family Fun

We were blessed with a lot of Family Fun this weekend. On Saturday, we got to participate in an adaptive Easter Egg Hunt for children with disabilities and their siblings. What fun! What a treat! There were crafts, dancing, inflated jumping-thingies (what are those called?), candy in plastic eggs that were easy to find and located indoors out of the cold wind, nice, nice people — what more could you ask for? The smiles on Charlotte’s and Anne’s faces, particularly, were priceless.

On Sunday, after church, the whole gang (as in, all in-laws, grown children, etc.) spent the afternoon picnicking and tossing a football around in the nearby state park — which we basically had to ourselves. When we are all together and enjoying each other’s company in such a relaxed, fun setting, I am extremely blessed. Yesterday goes down in my books as one of the best days of my life.

What does this have to do with Flylady? Well, Flylady has made me more aware of making — or taking — opportunities to intentionally have Family Fun. And I am blessed when we do!


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