Flylady “No Matter What”

I think I finally got a genuine glimpse of what Flylady means when she urges us to make something — like decluttering — a habit “no matter what.” I got this glimpse while exercising this morning. If I can’t go to Jazzercise for some reason, I exercise “no matter what.” On days when there is no Jazzercise, I exercise “no matter what.” I don’t excuse myself from exercise because it is inconvenient or it takes more effort than usual. I just do it — “no matter what.” And exercising doesn’t take a mere 15 minutes like most of my Flylady missions and habits.

So, I’m seeing how I need to develop that “no matter what” muscle behind some of the chores (like decluttering!) from which I very easily excuse myself when it is inconvenient or takes some effort.



One Response to “Flylady “No Matter What””

  1. raffydarko Says:

    Very true! It’s easy for disorder and dust to take over if one doesn’t do those small chores every day.

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