Human Beings, the Art of Denial and Flylady

We humans are so interesting. We all have traits that could benefit from improvement. Usually, those around us keep quiet about those traits (perhaps giving the Holy Spirit an opportunity to work, perhaps avoiding confrontation) until the impact of the manifestations of those traits become intolerable. Then, we deny that these traits exist and turn the “issue” back on the person who brought it to our attention. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch this happen again and again with all kinds of people.

For example, I very obviously had an issue with perfectionism that resulted in CHAOS. Joey tolerated this for years, until it became intolerable. Then, he ventured to mention it to me, only to incur my denial and wrath when he did. (“Did you marry me only to be your MAID?”)

I would have saved myself — and him — a lot of frustration if I had just taken a moment to inquire of myself if this were really true. I mean, eventually, I did and that led me to Flylady and the rest is happy history. What would happen if each of us were willing to hear, the FIRST time, when others voice concerns to us about our behaviors?

I wonder….



3 Responses to “Human Beings, the Art of Denial and Flylady”

  1. Sheree Says:


  2. Alissa Says:

    Oh, boy do I wonder too!

  3. Sheree Says:

    Sorry to say, denial SAYS IT ALL!

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