Easter Decorations

Before any small folk were up this morning, I got the Easter decorations put away. Now, we are ready for some sewing fun. I feel like with all of the external pressures and frustrations lately, my focus hasn’t been on my Flylady routine. However, what I’m realizing is that, even though Flylady is not in the front of my mind these days, we are all benefiting immensely from the habits instilled in us by Flylady. We are still functioning with clean clothes and dishes and a tidy, peaceful home environment, despite the many distractions we’ve had lately.

I’ll say it again, “Thanks, Flylady!”


2 Responses to “Easter Decorations”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I don’t want to put my Easter decorations away because I don’t have any other spring/summer ones with which to replace them. 😦 Time to get on Martha Stewart!

  2. Paula Says:

    I got mine put away today……hooray

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