Brainstorming About Flylady “No Matter What”

I think I’m getting some more insight into how Flylady “No Matter What” might look in my life. For example, when I am having to work exercise into my day, I have to determine how long my exercise session is going to be and then figure out when I can complete it. Similarly, I need to know specifically which Flylady chores I plan to complete on a certain day and how long I will need to complete those chores. I can’t just think generally, Oh, we’re in the Kitchen Zone this week, and be able to accurately plan how long I will need. The amount of time I need to clean the trash can is different than the amount of time I need to scrub the counters.

I haven’t really thought through my Flylady Routine in a detailed, timed way like this because I’m usually home all day, most days. Lately, I’ve found my schedule less predictable and I’m having to fine-tune a little. But, I have hope that these new insights will lead to success in keeping up with my Flylady chores even if or when I am out of the house.



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