More on MOPS and Flylady

I think I have accurately identified my primary fear (the one I was prompted to identify as a result of the MOPS Leadership Summit last Saturday) that keeps me from doing what God is sending me to do. I think I fear loss the most.

I fear losing the ground we have gained toward a peaceful, tidy home. I fear losing my motivation to keep doing Flylady when I have additional responsibilities. I fear that my creativity will get totally buried in additional tasks.

In addition to identifying our primary fear, we were also prompted to identify our passion, what makes us go out and do the things God is telling us to do, despite our fears. That was easy. For me, it is love.

So, hopefully, now that I’ve identified my primary fear as loss and my primary passion as love, I can work toward figuring out how Flylady and MOPS fit together in my life.



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