Treat Day with Mom

I posted several months ago about how I love having painted toenails, but I’d never had a professional pedicure. That all changed today. Mom took me out for a day on the town. She bought me some household supplies, took me out for lunch and then…you guessed it. She treated me to a professional pedicure!

I love my pink toenails. And after our day out, I got to take my pink toenails to Bunco at Clara’s house tonight. And I got to eat Clara’s and Levi’s delicious Asian food and laugh with my friends. I even won a prize for most losses.

What fun! What a refreshing day! I think this would fall under “Renewing My Spirit.”


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One Response to “Treat Day with Mom”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I think we have the best Bunco group ever.

    And I had a dream last night that I went to Costa’s for a haircut and they were trying to convince me to get a professional manicure and I kept saying, “But I need to ask Steve first!” They wouldn’t listen.

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