Flylady and Encouraging Words

Today I am a little tired, probably partially due to being out of the house a lot this week and probably partially due to 6am Friday Bible study. So…I was allowing myself some “rest” time on the internet and stumbled upon a couple of blogs. While there wasn’t anything blatantly offensive about these blogs, one, in particular, left me with a negative taste in my mouth. The writer’s words dragged me down and now I feel even more tired instead of refreshed.

One thing I like about Flylady is how encouraging she is. Her words lift me up. Her words contribute positively to my life.

So, I am a bit more aware of how my words might be impacting people today. I hope that this blog is encouraging to someone, as well as being realistic. I mean, the blogs that are simply sugary sweet cotton candy aren’t realistic enough to encourage me in my real-life world, either. I hope the words that come out of my mouth and into the ears of the people in my real-life world are encouraging, too.

One way I hope to keep my words encouraging is to be in THE Word enough. We read in our Bible study* this morning:

The Spirit-filled life does not come through mystical or ecstatic experiences, but from studying and submitting oneself to Scripture. As a believer faithfully and submissively saturates his mind and heart with God’s truth, his Spirit-controlled behavior will follow as surely as night follows day. When we are filled with God’s truth and led by His Spirit, even our involuntary reactions–those that happen when we don’t have time to consciously decide what to do or say–will be godly.

I put six stars, six exclamation points two big arrows and a large “YES” beside this quote. When my involuntary reactions are godly, that is the fruit of the Spirit. When my reactions (my words!) are loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled, God is glorified. This is my hope.

*John MacArthur’s Romans: Grace, Truth and Redemption.



2 Responses to “Flylady and Encouraging Words”

  1. Kathleen Smith Says:

    Amen, with seven stars and exclamation points!

  2. thetruevine Says:

    Thanks for the exclamation points, Kathleen!!! 🙂

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