Monday and Flylady

Do you ever have a Monday on a Monday? I got up this morning with my Flylady to-do list ready and waiting to be written on my new ($2.50 from Dollar General) dry erase boards. Then, the world seemed to conspire against me. Need I even say that my new boards remain a pure white yet this evening?

Good thing Tuesday comes after Monday.



3 Responses to “Monday and Flylady”

  1. Kathleen Smith Says:

    Isn’t it worse to have a Monday on a Tuesday? Two simple phone calls offering help completely changed my schedule, day, to-do list and productivity. Oh, well. Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes, yet.

  2. thetruevine Says:

    Yes! I know exactly how that happens, Kathleen!! (And thanks so much for your comments! It’s nice to know that someone is reading this!:-))

  3. Paula Says:

    I read you everyday….just don’t always have something intelligent to add! ha!

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