How Does Flylady Do It?

Did you read Flylady’s post on Emotional Bankruptcy? How about the one on Spiritual Renewal? Or this one on Spiritual Renewal?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all three of these have been posted in the last three days. Do I get the message? Yes. Do I fully acknowledge that I must make time to take a breath and re-gain a perspective? Yes. Do I know how I am going to do that? No.

When we were on a “regular” schedule (aka when Joey had a job), I could plan to take time out from my typical responsibilities to do something crafty or just sit and think in a quiet place with no one pulling on my shirt asking me for something. I could let my brain rest and kind of push the re-start button without feeling guilty that someone else was taking care of my responsibilities.

But, ever since we’ve been trying to open the bakery, nothing has really been “regular.” Joey is working so hard to get the bakery open that there’s no way that I feel I can say, “Hey, how about taking a day off and watching all of the kids so I can sit around and think in the quiet?” That would just be inappropriate at this time.

So, I’ve been kind of counting on my daily time in the Word for my re-fueling, but it is obvious that I really need quiet time away from people and responsibilities to totally get recharged. Responsibilities. A mother of a lot of children has a lot of them. How weird to remember a time when, if I wanted to, I could walk out the door and go do something rejuvenating. I wouldn’t trade places with my old, pre-children self for anything. I’m glad and grateful to have these children and responsibilities.

I think I’m just ready for the bakery to be open and life to resume some “regularity.”


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