Flylady and Daily Manna

Since I’ve been used to Joey’s working for a predictable salary that arrives at a specific time every month, it’s been quite a change to be in such a financially unpredictable situation, now. But, you know, I’ve been seeing God’s provision in such amazing ways lately. Even when I haven’t been able to look into the future, even the immediate future, and see how financial needs could possibly be met, God has been reminding me over and over and over that He has provided (through family and friends and amazing circumstances) so far and that I can just trust Him to keep on providing.

It’s really been like daily manna. Just when there is another need, the provision is made. It’s amazing to watch.

And I started thinking about how I could apply what I was learning about God’s provision to my Flylady chores. Sometimes, I want to look into the future and see some kind of guarantee that when I need the energy to complete my homemaking chores, I will have that energy and focus. Really, though, I what I am guaranteed is that God is the Provider of everything and when I need energy and focus and motivation and whatever else I need to be a good steward of this household, He will provide that for me. If, right now, I am really tired and ready for bed and I can’t really fathom doing any chores, that doesn’t mean that I won’t have renewed energy the next time I have a chore to complete.

He has provided energy and focus and Flylady for me already, so I should be able to trust that He will continue to provide.


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