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Flylady and Errand Day

June 30, 2010

One thing I’ve done habitually is to group my errands so I make only one trip to the “big city.” Today, however, I believe my dad would say that I’ve tried to fit two tons of fertilizer in a one ton truck. And I am SO TIRED! Good night!

Flylady and Space for Creativity

June 29, 2010

The de-cluttering project we’ve been working on involves the girls’ room and their crafting materials. Although we have a craft room, they have kept their jewelry-making supplies in their room so the small folk won’t get into it. However, I have seen a need lately for some sorting and reorganizing and throwing away, etc. so that they can better use their tools and materials.

This little project has provoked my thinking about my own space for creativity. Several weeks ago, I intended to start working on really organizing and staking out my very own space in our craft room for my own crafting stuff. Part of the the struggle I have with making time for creativity is sharing tools and materials with other members of the family and never quite knowing where or if I will find what I need in the short time I have set aside to use it. So, I have determined which corner of the craft room is going to be mine and I can visualized how I will have my materials organized.

Have I made time to work on my own little corner? Not yet. But, today, I found out which crafting swaps I’ll be participating in for the crafting weekend I’m attending this fall. If that doesn’t motivate me to get my crafting corner shaped up, I can’t think of anything else that will.

I Do Love My Flylady Timer

June 28, 2010

This morning, I was facing some de-cluttering tasks that I new were going to take several 15-minute sessions. But, I grabbed my timer and got going. We made some big progress and it’s all because we started.

Spiritual Renewal and Reading

June 27, 2010

The other day, after I had purchased a couple of ten pound packages of drumsticks at a very low price, I was looking for a new crock pot recipe to cook them for supper. I went to the “A Year of Slow Cooking” blog and found a nice recipe for “oven fried” crock pot drumsticks. It was yummy and everyone ate it (except me, of course).

Meanwhile, I ran across a recent blog post there about a book club. I read a little bit about the book (Kathryn Stockett’s The Help) and took note of the book’s cover. Then, I didn’t think too much more about it.

Until…I was at the library for the summer reading program and noticed the book sitting on the display shelf. I thought, Why not? Why not grab a new book to read? So, I did. And I am so very glad I did. I really liked this book. I so, so, so appreciate a contemporary author who can make me care about the characters and writes well enough to leave out the gratuitous violence, bad language and adult situations. I mean, I really, really like this book for those reasons alone.

But, I had a heightened appreciation beyond it being a well-written novel. I realized how, in the past, I would almost always be reading some book or another (or two or three). While I was reading them, I would think about the story line or the characters off and on throughout the day. But, I haven’t read a new fiction book that really grabbed my attention and made me want to keep reading in quite awhile. And I realized how much I’d missed that. It’s almost like my mind must be occupied at all times and when I read a book, I occupy it with something other than what Flylady chore I need to be doing next or what I’m making for lunch.

So, I’m going to be on the lookout for some new good books. Suggestions are welcomed!

The Family Fun Goes On and On

June 26, 2010

Today, we were treated (by invitation of the local-ish Make-A-Wish Foundation) to a special viewing of “Toy Story 3.” It was so much fun! All of us except for Amelia, Stephen, Clara, Levi (who were attending a wedding) and Tim (who was birding) got to go. The kids all got free popcorn and drinks during the movie, treat bags with “Toy Story 3” goodies and then a lunch after the movie.

I really appreciated the effort that went into this special treat. It was very much Family Fun. Thanks, Make-A-Wish folks!

Flylady and Birthday Parties

June 25, 2010

Tonight, we held Margaret’s birthday party. Including our family, there were 38 people here. And I had an out-of-town appointment and errands to run all day with seven of the kids (including, thankfully, Amelia, who helped drive all over creation). So, I didn’t even get home until an hour before the party.

Joey arrived home a few minutes before I did and began food preparation. Jacob also arrived literally moments before I did and began filling the water balloons for the Margaret-requested-water-fight-themed party. Stephen was also home and he brought stuff in from the car.

Did you notice that none of us had to do any last-minute house cleaning? Yea! for Flylady! I’ve had company three days in a row without any stress.

P.S. An interesting party statistic was that, out of the five families represented, there were 22 girls and only 7 boys (and that includes Stephen).

Woo-Hoo for Flylady and Unexpected Visitors

June 24, 2010

This morning, I was busily exercising in anticipation of missing Jazzercise tonight due to Bunco (yea! for Bunco!!). I decided that even though Anne’s physical therapist was coming this morning, as usual, she wouldn’t care if I were sweaty and stinky when she arrived and I would get my exercising out of the way while the day was cooler. I was almost finished with my five-mile Walk the Walk DVD when a car drove up our driveway. I didn’t look too closely and just kept on exercising thinking that it worked out pretty well that I was almost done when Mary arrived.

Well, it wasn’t Mary driving up our driveway. It was the therapy coordinator who had apparently called yesterday and left a message that she was coming today. A message that I never received.

So, yes, I was stinky and sweaty for her (and I don’t think she minded). BUT, my house, in Flylady fashion, was company ready. Even though I didn’t know I was having special company this morning!

“Old” Friends and Flylady

June 23, 2010

I was blessed to have a visit from my college roommate today. We became roommates nearly 30 years ago and I haven’t seen her since December, 1992, when we both attended our suite-mate’s wedding. Need I say that she hasn’t changed a bit? She’s as fun and funny and generally fabulous as always!

And here’s a little Flylady bonus about her visit: I didn’t have to spend all week or even all day cleaning in anticipation of her arrival.

De-cluttering, Flylady and Me

June 22, 2010

Okay, then. Whew. I am reminded why I avoid de-cluttering. Yesterday, I finally tackled an area that I’ve been needing to de-clutter. I knew that there was no way that it would only take me 15 minutes, so I planned for a longer period of time. I also knew that I wouldn’t get out more than I could put away in 15 minutes and it wouldn’t become a major issue if it took me a few hours to get the whole area de-cluttered.

So, yes, I successfully de-cluttered, but I was SO cranky in the process. It is just so incredibly annoying to have to make even small decisions about what to keep and what to throw away. I was talking to Kathleen about this last night and she said that she almost has to get to the point of being sick of a cluttered area before she becomes ruthless enough to de-clutter. I think that is true of me. I almost have to become angry enough to de-clutter. Which is probably why I don’t want to work myself up to this state of angry decision-making on a daily basis.

The good thing is that once I de-clutter an area, it stays de-cluttered. The kids’ playroom that Clara and I de-cluttered last summer is still in pretty good shape, for example. It could probably use some detailed tidying (I think some of the McDonald’s toys might be in the Barbie box), but, overall, we haven’t added any clutter to the area. So, I won’t be de-cluttering this particular area again, thankfully.

But I can’t say that I’m encouraged to start de-cluttering on a daily basis. Whew. Too much emotional energy involved.

Weekly Home Blessing Hour, Large Family Style

June 21, 2010

Well, once, again, I am reminded why I write this blog. Early this morning, I was quickly going through some email before I started the day and I ran across a little description that Flylady had sent out of what the Weekly Home Blessing Hour included. I am totally familiar with the description of the Weekly Home Blessing Hour. But, every single time that I read that mopping should take 10 minutes, I start to laugh.

My weekly mopping of ONLY the main floor of our house consistently takes me exactly one hour. That includes moving the chairs around, sweeping and mopping. There is no nonsense involved. No perfectionism whatsoever. This is a “get ‘er done” approach to mopping. Yet, with a commercial mop and rolling mop bucket, it takes me one hour. Every time. Today, I timed it, again: 7:33am to 8:32am by the computer’s clock.

Now, I am NOT complaining AT ALL about how long it takes to mop my floor. What I am saying is that we mothers of many children simply have to expect that we are going to have to modify almost everything about Flylady’s routines. If we expect that we are going to have to modify, then we won’t be disappointed and give up when it appears that we can’t do exactly what Flylady is describing.

And a bonus (I think) of having to modify means that I will expect to be asking God for His wisdom pretty much every step of my way. Only He knows how I can actually fit all of my responsibilities (and desires!) into one 24-hour period. He guides my decisions concerning how I spend the 15-minute segments of my day, to His glory and my benefit.

So, thanks, Lord, for giving me the physical energy to mop today. Guide me in the rest of my Weekly Home Blessing. And, please show me where I can fit in that creativity….