Water, Water, Water

I was very interested in Flylady’s post about this month’s habit of drinking water because she started the post with:

Have you been feeling a bit fatigued? Are you hungry all the time?
There could be a very simple reason for feeling tired and famished. You could be dehydrated.

“Are you hungry all the time?” was the question that caught my eye. I really started wondering how many times what I perceive as hunger is really dehydration. I make an effort to drink an adequate amount of water, but is it truly adequate?

So, this month, every time I feel hungry, I’m going to take a drink, first, and wait a moment to see if I am really hungry or just thirsty.


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One Response to “Water, Water, Water”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Hmm, I’ve noticed that when I wake up in the night and I feel super hungry, a drink of water is really sufficient for me to feel better and get back to sleep for a while. Around lunchtime, not so much.

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