Flylady and Changes

When I started this blog nine months ago, my husband had a professional, salaried job with great insurance benefits and a generous number of paid days off. We were attending a church with people we had been worshiping with for nearly 15 years. Everything appeared fairly stable, so I seemed to have a lot of time to think about, focus on and execute my Flylady plans on a daily basis. Maybe “seemed” is the key word here. But, from my current vantage point, it does seem that I had the luxury of being able to live a rather predictable day-to-day routine.

Now, after several months of unemployment, we are running our own business (which, thank, thank, thank the Lord, seems to be doing well!). And we are getting settled into a new church family (which, thank, thank, thank the Lord, seems to be a positive experience!). But, I have to say that my focusing on the who, what, when, where and how of my Flylady routine has very often NOT been my top priority on a daily basis the last few months.

However, every time another one of life’s challenges is thrown in our path, I am pleasantly surprised at how, even though my Flylady routine is not my main focus, I am consistently able to utilize what I had already learned from Flylady. And our whole family benefits from that. No, I am not even remotely able to give the time and mental energy necessary to declutter every day. I have not kept up with the Zone Missions in the Master Bedroom. But, my kitchen is totally salvageable with a good 15-minute session. As is my living room. As are my bathrooms.

Why does this continue to amaze me?


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