Flylady and Taking Care of Myself

In taking care of everyone else’s needs lately, I had become truly physically exhausted and I caught a cold. Last night, after taking the kids to several appointments all day, I came home and went straight to bed. I felt like I literally could not move a muscle for one more second.

Very thankfully, I had a good night’s (12 hours!) sleep and awoke feeling much, much better. That’s when I had to make some decisions. I could attempt to complete my Flylady tasks for the day or I could not do them and rest. It was actually very difficult to decide what to do (or not) because I did feel quite a bit better and if I miss out on laundry, for example, for one day, I’m the one “paying” for it by having to catch up at some future point. In other words, there is not ever a “free rest” day.

Today, I decided that if I tried to do household chores (today is mopping day, too, which takes an hour of fairly hard physical labor just to mop our main floor), I would really end up “paying” for it later. I decided that if I rested, I would have more energy later to catch up with the laundry and floors later. Plus, I really needed to give myself a pedicure (and you know how I feel about my painted toenails!), so….

That pretty much settled it. I did NOT do any laundry. I did NOT mop. I did not vacuum. I did not even think of de-cluttering. I did not swish and swipe.

I did do my toenails.


One Response to “Flylady and Taking Care of Myself”

  1. Kathleen Smith Says:

    Good Girl! FLY! I was thinking and praying for you today.

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