Creativity on the Mind, Again

I’m hoping that the whirlwind of the last few weeks, fun-filled (well, except for that cold) as they were, is finally calming a bit. Since my mind is not quite as occupied with okay-I-just-finished-that-essentially-vital-responsibility-and-now-I-am-on-to-the-next-one, I have been thinking about creativity, again. I know that making time for creativity is directly associated with loving myself emotionally (that I wrote about a little while back).

Maybe today I can make a little list of what I could do to prioritize creativity in my daily life. Is it more of a mental challenge? Is it my attitude? Is there fear involved? What is keeping me from just spending a little bit of each day prioritizing creativity the same way I prioritize exercising?

I know I will reap great benefits emotionally from prioritizing creativity, so I hope I can get some answers out of myself.


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