Woo-Hoo for Flylady and Unexpected Visitors

This morning, I was busily exercising in anticipation of missing Jazzercise tonight due to Bunco (yea! for Bunco!!). I decided that even though Anne’s physical therapist was coming this morning, as usual, she wouldn’t care if I were sweaty and stinky when she arrived and I would get my exercising out of the way while the day was cooler. I was almost finished with my five-mile Walk the Walk DVD when a car drove up our driveway. I didn’t look too closely and just kept on exercising thinking that it worked out pretty well that I was almost done when Mary arrived.

Well, it wasn’t Mary driving up our driveway. It was the therapy coordinator who had apparently called yesterday and left a message that she was coming today. A message that I never received.

So, yes, I was stinky and sweaty for her (and I don’t think she minded). BUT, my house, in Flylady fashion, was company ready. Even though I didn’t know I was having special company this morning!


One Response to “Woo-Hoo for Flylady and Unexpected Visitors”

  1. Maisie Says:

    It’s it great when that happens! That is one thing I’ve been enjoying the past few months – while my house isn’t perfect yet, I don’t feel bad when someone drops by unexpectedly!

    Happy Flying to you!

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