Flylady and Birthday Parties

Tonight, we held Margaret’s birthday party. Including our family, there were 38 people here. And I had an out-of-town appointment and errands to run all day with seven of the kids (including, thankfully, Amelia, who helped drive all over creation). So, I didn’t even get home until an hour before the party.

Joey arrived home a few minutes before I did and began food preparation. Jacob also arrived literally moments before I did and began filling the water balloons for the Margaret-requested-water-fight-themed party. Stephen was also home and he brought stuff in from the car.

Did you notice that none of us had to do any last-minute house cleaning? Yea! for Flylady! I’ve had company three days in a row without any stress.

P.S. An interesting party statistic was that, out of the five families represented, there were 22 girls and only 7 boys (and that includes Stephen).


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