Flylady and Space for Creativity

The de-cluttering project we’ve been working on involves the girls’ room and their crafting materials. Although we have a craft room, they have kept their jewelry-making supplies in their room so the small folk won’t get into it. However, I have seen a need lately for some sorting and reorganizing and throwing away, etc. so that they can better use their tools and materials.

This little project has provoked my thinking about my own space for creativity. Several weeks ago, I intended to start working on really organizing and staking out my very own space in our craft room for my own crafting stuff. Part of the the struggle I have with making time for creativity is sharing tools and materials with other members of the family and never quite knowing where or if I will find what I need in the short time I have set aside to use it. So, I have determined which corner of the craft room is going to be mine and I can visualized how I will have my materials organized.

Have I made time to work on my own little corner? Not yet. But, today, I found out which crafting swaps I’ll be participating in for the crafting weekend I’m attending this fall. If that doesn’t motivate me to get my crafting corner shaped up, I can’t think of anything else that will.


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