Flylady Miscellany

First, we have almost finished de-cluttering the girls’ room. The only thing we have left to do is the sorting of the jewelry-making supplies, which was our initial motivating factor for de-cluttering. We really got rid of the trash in drawers and on shelves and it’s going to be a lot easier to maintain the area.

Second, I made a little effort to be more intentional about swishing and swiping the second floor bathroom AND the basement bathroom. At first, I wasn’t going to add the basement bathroom to the mix. But, then I thought about how many times a day I walk through that room to get to the laundry room and decided, Why not?

Third, we really had Family Fun Day yesterday instead of today which is why I was doing more cleaning on a Saturday. The kids had received Applebee’s coupons from the library’s summer reading program (we are actually participating in TWO libraries’ summer reading programs), so Clara and I took the six smaller folk out for their free lunches and then ran a few errands. One of the errands involved renting “The Spy Next Door” because Peter had wanted to see it and he had earned a free movie rental from Hastings. So, after supper, we all sat down and watched it together. I was actually laughing aloud at parts. Peter got the action and fighting that he wanted without any real blood or terror or anything. And I got the comedy that I like.

You know, after re-reading all of that post, I don’t wonder why I have absolutely no trouble sleeping every night!


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