Flylady and Balance Revelation

Today, I think I actually caught a glimpse of how this whole Flylady Control Journal/timer/balance thing works! As you know, I’ve been really wanting to work creativity into my daily routine. I realized the other day that one major obstacle in my path toward daily creativity was my craft room clutter. So…I started whittling away at the clutter. In my stereotypical SHE way, I really wanted to hyper-focus on the craft room and spend all of my time de-cluttering it until it was–you guessed it–perfectly tidy.

BUT, instead, this morning, after I ate breakfast and did my Bible reading, I set my TIMER for 30 minutes and told myself that I would de-clutter the craft room for only 30 minutes and then get on with the rest of my Control Journal responsibilities (laundry, Zone Missions, etc.). First of all, I was amazed at how much I actually got done in only 30 minutes. Second, I was amazed at how much energy I had left for all of my other responsibilities. Third, I was amazed at how de-cluttering an area in which I am looking forward to an activity (creativity!) was so different for me than de-cluttering an area of the house that, in my mind, will just eventually be cluttered up again by someone else. I wonder how I would feel about de-cluttering if I could always imagine doing something I like to do in the areas I am de-cluttering….

So…I am energized by my revelation today and look forward to some crafting this week!


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