No Flylady Chores Today: I Just Became A Grandmother!

I have a sweet, new granddaughter as of 3:33 am, thanks to our oldest daughter, Amelia, and her husband, Stephen!

2 Responses to “No Flylady Chores Today: I Just Became A Grandmother!”

  1. Maisie Says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy!!

  2. Sheree Says:

    Hey, I didn’t call cuz I wasn’t sure when you wouldn’t be catching up on zzz’s or something! I’m sure you had a crazy day. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is a cutie, saw the pics on Facebook. I also did NOT stop @ hospital again cuz I hate to interrupt mama’s resting time. Alissa stopped tho. Amelia looked GREAT in the pictures, just a natural mama!!!

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