Flylady and Feeling Rushed

Did you read Flylady’s post on frenzied thoughts? Even though I utilize all of Flylady’s tools (having an established routine, being dressed to shoes, eating well, exercising, drinking water, renewing my spirit, etc., etc.), I still find myself too often in the midst of frenzied thinking. She wrote:

I can give you all the tools to calm the storm on the outside but if you have not controlled your thoughts you are not going to feel the peace that comes with your routines. In fact you may even sabotage that peace because it feels so strange.

Am I doing this to myself? Am I still trying to juggle too many balls at once? Do I not know HOW to feel calm since I’ve functioned this way all of my life?

It’s weird because rarely now am I in a frenzy because I have procrastinated and something I could have accomplished at a leisurely pace has become an “emergency” due to a deadline. It’s more often that I now feel frenzied on a daily basis trying to accomplish all of my Control Journal tasks, wondering every morning how I can actually do everything. Usually when I sit down and read the Bible, I can calm down, but it takes some serious effort.

Flylady also said:

That storm that is going on in our brains is fueled with self-doubt, perfectionism, guilt, martyrdom and shame.

I know that I have made great progress in identifying and dealing with perfectionism in all of its ugly disguises, but there must something I’m still missing if I feel this way on a regular basis. And I agree with Flylady entirely that this is NOT good for me. It does unhealthy things to me physically. It hinders me from Finally Loving Myself.

I would really like to LIVE in my Quiet Place on a daily basis….


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