Flylady, Balance and Large Families

Okay, so this is something like my 320th post. That means that I only have about six more weeks of my 365 Days with Flylady. And, once again, I am thinking about what a huge challenge it is to achieve balance on a daily basis. Every single day, I have to choose one thing over another. If I choose to take time to be creative, then I probably won’t get the Zone Mission done. True, there are days that are exceptions, but, typically, if I choose to spend time (limited by my timer, even) being creative, then I will not get the Zone Mission done for that day. If I choose to exercise (which I always do), then I probably won’t get much done in the way of de-cluttering.

Much of this balance challenge has to do with how much responsibility I have on a daily basis for many small folk. Right now, there are really only two children at home with me all day who can contribute to household responsibilities. There are four who cannot, on a real, meaningful level, for many different reasons (age, cognitive abilities, physical challenges) contribute. So, those of us who can contribute are still outnumbered by those who are making the messes that have to be cleaned up.

I could spend all day, every day, picking up, cleaning up, after the small people. All day. Every day. But that is not a balanced life.


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