Even More 4-H and Flylady

More than ever before, I have been, consciously or, by now, subconsciously, incorporating Flylady’s techniques into areas of my life other than housekeeping. As you know, we have been whittling away at 4-H projects, a little bit each day, day by day. For the first time, really, I genuinely had the attitude of “do a little each day and do it today” rather than “these projects aren’t due for another week, so let’s wait until then.”

Last night was the night before clothing entry day. Clothing Entry Day Eve. On this day for the past 14 years, we have not gone to bed at an hour that resembles our usual bedtime. We used to laugh and say that we knew that all across our county, other mothers and their children (mostly daughters) were having this same sewing-at-the-last-minute bonding time. But, really, it was pretty stressful most of the time.

But, last night, we were entirely done with everything, including having the projects labeled (thanks, Jacob) and bagged by 9:30pm. Unbelievable. Unbelievably stress-free. Unbelievably peaceful.

Thanks, Flylady.


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