Thinking About De-cluttering

Because we had some problem with our email a few weeks ago, I was accidentally unsubscribed from an email list that I’ve been on for absolutely YEARS. The list is for moms of many children, especially born relatively close together, and is very, very large. Interestingly, though I’ve followed the list for so very long, and have made some long-distance friends because of it, I found that I don’t really miss it and have not made any effort to re-subscribe.

So, I started wondering about that, as you know I am prone to do. I started wondering if it had become “clutter” in my life, in a way, to have so many women’s opinions, problems, etc. in my inbox every day. Now, I am not suggesting that it is “clutter” to know about others’ problems so I can pray about and for them. This is more like having a lot of people kind of throwing out their opinions about how other people should be living. I think my SHE personality might have been getting distracted by the “clutter” of so many opinions.

Anyway…it will be interesting to see if God ever prompts me to make the effort to reinstate my subscription.


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