De-cluttering and Creativity

Since we got the craft room cleaned up after 4-H projects, I have found myself feeling very inspired. In fact, I sewed something the other day. Charlotte had picked out some Hello Kitty fabric when the older kids were getting fabric for their 4-H projects. I told her we would sew something when the 4-H projects were done. She picked out a nightgown pattern and there the fabric and pattern sat, waiting for us.

Well, because the sewing machines were all cleared off and running (although mine, not so well…it seems to have come back from the 4-H sewing camp with some mysterious issues) and the cutting table was entirely cleared off, we just whipped up that nightgown in a jiffy. It actually turned out to be more like a pajama top, but she was happy and I was happy.

I’m remaining motivated to keep de-cluttering, I think.


4 Responses to “De-cluttering and Creativity”

  1. Paula Says:

    I just love, love, love spontaneously stopping to create something…..Jaclyn was inspired to purchase some painting supplies and canvases yesterday while I was purchasing some scrap-booking odds and ends…we came home and she created a beautiful (still a work in progress) painting as a gift for a friend and I completed 19 pages of her scrapbook….delightful! We had nice, open work spaces (uncluttered) and lots of uncluttered time to just dive right in! A most satisfying day……the house was still, quiet and buzzing with our creative juices! Best way to spend a summer day in Texas when it’s 105 outside!

  2. Sheree Says:

    So True, you cannot do ANYTHING if you have to clean off surfaces to do it!!!!
    Hey! I worked in the storage room in the basement today for about 1 hr; I know, longer than 15 minutes. But I only have August to get it done. That’s my goal for the month. All decluttered and ready to get on a good schedule, try out some ZONEzzzzzzz! (And I was wearing shoes!) But DO NOT look at my sink.

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