More Reading

I am still making an effort to read for pleasure regularly. This time, however, I can’t really say that I obtained pleasure from the reading. I just finished Cat of the Century, which I grabbed from the library shelf on a whim last week. Oh, my. What a horribly written book. I can’t even begin to guess how many times I just about quit reading, but I stubbornly stuck it out to the end in case the author might manage to pull some trick out of her bag at the very last. No such luck.

The thing that drove me the most crazy with this book was that it was CHOCK FULL of irrelevance. Irrelevant conversations. Irrelevant references to the weather. Irrelevant references to the date. Irrelevant references to irrelevant characters. Now, I’ve read enough good mysteries to know that occasionally those good authors might throw in something that turns out to be irrelevant to the mystery, but it is never irrelevant to the story.

And I honestly can’t remember reading a book with more explanatory qualifiers. This author over-explained everything. It was as if she were expecting her reader to be an absolutely culturally illiterate idiot. Plus, I didn’t care one whit about any of the characters in this book. Not one whit. About even ONE of them.

And, yes, I know that Dorothy Sayers has spoiled me forever (and I believe that you, dear reader, either know who Dorothy Sayers is or you have the ability to Google her if you don’t and you want to find out, so I will NOT give an explanatory aside about her), but this “mystery” was beyond ridiculous. I obviously would not recommend it, nor will I likely read any of this “best selling author’s” other books. Oh, dear.

I think I’ll have to go grab some Lord Peter to get this out of my system….


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